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    Dreamwave Ultra - Rose Gold
    Ash (Melbourne, AU)

    So easy to use. Finally found a curling tool I can actually use easily.

    Dreamwave Ultra - Rose Gold
    Jo M. (Melbourne, AU)
    Love my curls

    Omg I've got thin hair and this is an absolute game changer. So easy to use. I love it!!

    Dreamwave Ultra - Rose Gold
    Michela C. (Perth, AU)
    I’m not a hairdresser but…..

    Wylera helps make it easy for you to look like you’ve made a big effort to make your hair look nice, without having to go to the hairdresser to do that. A lot of us are time poor and a lot of us don’t possess the skills that hairdressers have to make our hair look beautiful (they’re artists), nor able to afford it as often as we would like. A simply great product. Well done.

    Dreamwave Ultra - Rose Gold
    Rosalie (Perth, AU)
    Actually Works

    I was dubious but it's actually great. Easy to use and the curls hold up well.

    Dreamwave Ultra - Raven
    Jenna K. (Sydney, AU)
    Love it

    I love this! I have very fine straight hair and curls normally fall out as soon as I put them in. This is quick easy can use it anywhere and the curls last all day!

    Dreamwave Ultra - Rose Gold
    Tania A. (Sydney, AU)
    Love love love

    So easy to use. Tried others but this is the best. No burning of fingers.

    Dreamwave Ultra - Rose Gold
    Jan N.@. (Melbourne, AU)
    Better than the original

    This is my second one and I find it much better than the original one. Easier to use and less tangles.

    Dreamwave Ultra - Rose Gold
    Jennifer B. (Sydney, AU)
    Fabulous product

    Love my Wylera dream wave. I have never been able to curl my hair with a straightener or anything else, and this is so easy. I now have my perfect dream wave. A safe curl was achieved today to get me me through a bad hair day

    Dreamwave Compact - White Gold
    Tanja M. (Christchurch, GB)
    OMG what a game changer

    When it comes to styling my hair I've got 2 left hands 🤷‍♀️
    I couldn't believe how easy and fast I had curls ☺️ the wrong way round the first time but it didn't matter I was so proud ☺️
    I'm wearing a real hair piece as I've got female pattern baldness and the Dream wave doesn't damages the hair 🥰 also I don't burn myself (ears or fingers)
    I'm in love with the Dream wave ❤️

    Dreamwave Ultra - Rose Gold
    Caroline L. (Windermere, GB)
    Just fantastic

    I love this new hair curler. It is so easy to use. I can do my hair by feel now while on the move. Make sure to read the instructions first to get the best out of it. Adjust the temperature and timings to suit your hair and don't try to do too big a chunk. It is really fast to do in little chunks anyway! I've recommended this to all my friends who are well impressed with it.

    Dreamwave Ultra - Raven
    Stacey G. (Adelaide, AU)
    Dreamwave Ultra has my vote!

    Loving the updates to the new curler. Love the new barrel. No need to press a button to release the hair. No tangles. Lightweight and easy to curl the back of my head!
    My video is on Facebook @staceygambettimakeup

    Dreamwave Ultra - Rose Gold
    Kimmy (Perth, AU)
    New is not always better

    This is the second Wylera hair curler I have purchased, whilst there is nothing wrong with this curler I really prefer the original model. For my hair, it made better curls that stayed in longer and didn’t tangle my hair as much as the new one does. I do love the rose colour and the battery life on the new curler seems to last much longer. All in all, they are both great curlers and you won’t be disappointed which ever one you purchase

    Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
    Claire B. (Colchester, GB)
    Best curler ever!

    I’ve never been able to curl my hair with either straighteners or curling tongs. I’ll admit to being sceptical about this but wanted to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did! I easily create bouncing curls that will last three days. I’m one very happy customer! I have really straight hair as you can see from the pics. This was very freshly curled and gently drips a little over an hour or two to leave soft pretty curls.

    Dreamwave Ultra - Rose Gold
    Yolande S. (Brisbane, AU)
    Best curler on the market

    Ok... I am gonna be honest. I have most of the curling tools on the market including the dyson airwrap and THIS curler is by far the BEST tool I have ever used. Its easy, quick and my curls hold for 3 days and still looks gorgeous! I could not fault this tool even if I tried. LOVE IT!

    Dreamwave Ultra - Rose Gold
    Deborah M. (Dundee, GB)
    Works well with my daughter hair

    She was moaning she couldnt curl her hair with tong and was pressuring me to get these. Works well slide hair in and press button bingo hair in twirls round. And then its out and your hair is curled happy days. Happy takes couple minutes and it bleeps tells u. Defently happy with this product and no fizzyiness.

    Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
    Karen C. (Derby, GB)

    Great quick curler for my very straight hair so easy to do and curls last even when slept on ☺️

    Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
    Juliet W. (Hereford, GB)
    Easy curls

    I brought Wylera after having first brought a cheaper version. This might be more expensive but well worth investing in this particular model. There is no pulling on the hair, and it does what is says it does effortlessly and with fabulous results. It took a few sessions to get the hang of this but once mastered there is no looking back. This DOES NOT catch your hair and if too much is put it or there is a tangle the barrel immediately stops it’s winding and the hair is easy to remove ( unlike cheaper version ) I’m very satisfied with this product and it gets a well deserved 5* from me. The picture below is my daughter in laws hair that took me approximately 10 minutes. She will also be looking to invest in this lovely product.

    Dreamwave Ultra - Rose Gold
    Charlotte M. (Poole, GB)
    Such a clever curler

    I loved this new curling tool so much, it's very simple to use, gentle on my hair and produces stunning curls that last a couple of days.

    Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
    Susan S. (Macroom, IE)
    A must have

    Wonderful piece of kit. So easy to use. My curls stayed in for 4 days
    Even my hairdresser is going to buy one.

    Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
    Pamela M. (Dublin, IE)
    Love it!!!

    So easy to use. Works best on day old hair but curls still lasts when used on fresh hair. Honestly best hair product Iv ever bought.

    Dreamwave - Black Onyx
    Lucille T. (Hull, GB)
    Worth it!

    I was skeptical at first but I decided to have one. It arrived fast. I would say, no more burns from my flat iron doing curls 'coz i got wylera now. I curled my hair for about 15-20mins as I have a thick hair and while doing so, I can even watch or drink coffee. This really works. Battery is just enough to curl my hair well. Using the 200°. Just lovin' it.

    Dreamwave Ultra - Raven
    Petra M. (West Wodonga, AU)
    Almost perfect!

    Almost perfect
    This is amazing, the slimmer barrel so your hand doesn't tire is a boon for old hands that can't grasp as easily anymore. It does what it says on the tin. Perfect results every time. The one design feature I would change is to place the left/right buttons side by side and mark them L and R to denote which side of the head for directional curls. I have very fine hair and it's not as thick as it used to be in my youth (late 60s now)but its wonderful that I can still curl my hair effortlessly and get such smooth and shiny curls. My hair is natural and nit dyed.

    Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
    Karen c. (Christchurch, NZ)
    Easy to use

    Very easy to use. No hot points so no burning my head, fingers or ears. Thought i could adjust size curls (like it says on the box) but that dosnt appear to be the case

    Dreamwave Ultra - Raven
    Olga (Melbourne, AU)
    The solution to my curling woes

    I never know how to use a curling iron right, i always burn my fingers on them and it takes me forever to do it. I tried buying the fake version of this but the battery would die on the 4th curl. So i decided to invest in this magnificent piece of technology and it is worth every penny! The battery lasts for ages. I have thick hair and i finished my hair in 10 minutes! Now all my friends want one. Thank you for this product!

    Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
    Sharon P. (Hemel Hempstead, GB)
    Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose

    Absolutely love it 😍 Having tried to perfect a curl / wave that lasts on my fine hair with straighteners and curling tongs I decided to give this automatic curler a try. So easy, no crimp marks, the curls last for days and so simple to use. My friend has now purchased one after I raved about it so much!



    Easy to use with no skills required.
    No manual winding and easily curl the back of your hair.


    Ceramic plates protect hair from heat damage improving hair shine and curls that hold.


    Engineered for all hair lengths and thickness. Achieve any curl type with adjustable settings.


    Safe and enclosed curling barrel gives you high quality curls - absolutely risk free.