Dreamwave curlers - the hottest new hair accessory

We bet no one in the ’80s would’ve imagined Dreamwave curlers when they were spending hours wearing hair rollers to sport the perfect curls before they headed out.

In our opinion, that’s the best part about the hairstyling industry - the introduction of new trends and products that make life - and glamour and beauty - much easier. We’ve definitely come a long way :)

Even now, automatic hair curlers that simply require you to put your hair into your curler and look pretty is CRAZY. With Wylera Hair’s Dreamwave curlers, however, this is exactly what you get.

Effortless curls that look professional - in less than 20 seconds for each partition of hair.

Here’s why Wylera Hair’s Dreamwave curlers are the hottest new hair accessories in town.

Dreamwave curlers are the Alexa of hair curling

Wylera Hair’s Dreamwave curlers are like your own hair curling assistants. It's like having an Alexa for your hair - one that is dedicated to creating the perfect curls.

You no longer have to worry about holding a hot iron away from your face or constantly standing in front of the mirror to make sure you’re not accidentally touching the iron rod. You also don’t have to tire your arms while waiting for the curling iron to do its thing!

Just like Alexa, all you have to do is set our Dreamwave curlers according to the type of hair you have and the type of curl you need. Then, it’s all just a waiting game.

In less than 20 seconds, you get a curl that will be the icing on the cake for whatever look you’ve planned

Do you want a tight curl that will bounce around for longer? Maybe you want a soft curl that mimics the waves of the ocean? You can get all this - and more - from Wylera Hair’s Dreamwave curlers.

Check out our detailed guide on how to set the temperature and rolling time on your Dreamwave curlers!

Go cordless with Wylera Hair - you can thank us later ;)

Cordless or wireless tools and accessories are some of the biggest trends in the beauty industry. This technology is not necessarily new, but it's one that is timeless because of its convenience and simplicity.

Think about it, babe. If you wanted to charge your phone, curl your hair, and plug in your speakers while getting ready for your night out, it’s always a jumble of chords or a nightmare to find the right adapter.

There’s no chance that you can plug-in three things at the same time in the same place. Either you need to unplug your phone for your curler or plug it somewhere else. The struggle is real.

Remember what Apple did when we started complaining that we couldn’t charge our phones and listen to music at the same time after they introduced only one output jack? They invented the Air Pods - wireless, Bluetooth earpieces that didn’t need to be plugged-in to the phone.

This is exactly what makes Dreamwave curlers or Wylera Hair’s cordless curlers such groundbreaking innovations -  the fact that they are cordless and battery-powered, so they don’t need to be plugged in.

The ONLY time you need to plug it in is when you’re charging it :)

At Wylera Hair, we’ve even gone a step further to make your life easier. The charging cable of our Dreamwave curlers contains a USB port. Get this - you can even charge your curler on your LAPTOP.

Take no excuses when it comes to maintaining a head of gorgeous curls.

Get your hands on Wylera Hair’s Dreamwave curlers today!

With its automatic, smart technology and the hassle-free and clutter-free cordless feature, Wylera Hair’s Dreamwave curlers are one of the hottest trends in the industry

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