Yes, simply adjust the temperature and the thickness of your hair section and you'll have from loose waves to tight curls.

Yes our curler works perfectly for short hair.

Yes, you can definitely adjust the temperature to allow for your hair type and the type of curls you want.

Our devices use high quality ceramic plates which evenly distribute heat so they won't burn your hair.

The Dreamwave series has an automatic shut off mechanism so that if for any reason you take too much hair, the Dreamwave will shut down. Hair is not held in the Dreamwave, hence at anytime (as long as hair is inserted correctly) you may simply move the Dreamwave away from your hair and hair will fall away from the device.

Absolutely. Just choose a lower temperature and shorter time, then you can get looser curls.

If purchased directly through Wylera Hair, we offer a manufacturer's warranty on all our product found to be defective within 1 year, which is valid from the date of original purchase with receipt. If you find your product is defective please send an email to

The battery life is 60 minutes. Once in use, time will depend on factors such as the time and temperature you have set, the length of your hair and how long it physically takes you to move from curl to curl.


We want you to receive your parcel as quickly as possible. That is why all orders are processed and dispatched within 48 hours.
Delivery time varies depending on your location. One of our warehouses is located in Australia and we do our best to deliver the goods in a shortest period of time.
For more details email us at

Yes we absolutely do! After entering your address in the checkout, the shipping rate will automatically generate to ship where you are.

Product (Dreamwave)

Depending on the device, a single beep indicates a timer countdown while a double beep means that your hair has completed curling and may be removed from the barrel.

Yes the product comes in our branded carry pouch.

Yes, our products come with a 1-year warranty.

Our plates are ceramic coated and hence they are safe for dry hair.

The device has a push button that lets you adjust the temperature and timer settings. Please read your manual for instruction.

Like with any heated styling tool, be sure to take extra precaution when handling the device. The outside of our device is warm but not hot. It is still cool enough to touch the skin without issue. Do be careful of contact closer to the opening of the barrel or heated ceramic plates.

The Original Dreamwave works perfectly for any hair type. The Compact Dreamwave is designed for fine hair.

This depends on your hair type but the lower the temperature and the lower the timer; the looser your curl will be.

Yes, the device will auto shut down after 10 mins if it is not being used.

Approx. 3 centimeters.

Our Dreamwave cordless curler is quick and easy to use, just make sure that the opening of your barrel is facing away from your hair.

Our compact version is designed for fine hair, is more lightweight and hence more portable.

To enjoy voluminous waves that hold all day, allow the Dreamwave just a few minutes to heat up. The ceramic coating on the barrel evenly distributes the heat which ensures no damage ensues.

Product (Dreamstyler)

Our users find that the medium temperature of 180 degrees suits most hair types.

Operation time for the 'Dreamstyler' is 40-60 minutes dependent on heat setting.

Yes, the 'Dreamstyler' can be used to curl hair also.

The 'Dreamstyler' has a comb which is there to help you keep control of the hair whilst straightening; it does not detach as you would always benefit from this feature.

Our heating plates are flexible which means that they move with your hair and are made from iron with a ceramic coating. This helps prevent damage and frizz.

The ceramic ion plates are 3.5 inches in length on either sides.

Yes, weighing in at only 450 grams the Dreamstyler is lightweight and portable.

Yes, it will work on any hair length.

Yes, it will turn off when not in use after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Yes, the Dreamstyler comes with a soft velvet dust pouch.

The hair follicle can always be damaged if too much heat is applied at
a higher heat than is suitable for your hair type. The best option is to
ensure that you use the 'Dreamstyler' at the correct temperature for
your hair type and continue movement down the hair shaft at a steady rate,so that at no time are you positioning the 'Dreamstyler' in the one spot for too long.

Product (Hydro sonic)

Yes, the Hydro Sonic Growth Stimulator can be used on both with the massage mode activated. It can also be used in combination with any hair oil/serum/treatment.

The Hydro Sonic is waterproof to IPX 7. Once finished using, simply turn off the device and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Replace your docking station to recharge. Ensure bristles are fully dry before docking as the charging dock is not waterproof.

We do not recommend using with very hot water as the heat may cause damage to the components inside. If using wet, make sure to use regular warm water.

Yes, your device comes with a warranty for a full year from the date of purchase.

The Hydro Sonic has a very mild warm sensation that is hardly noticeable.

Red Light Therapy or as it is sometimes known, Low-level Light Therapy (LLLT), stimulates cell growth. The best-proven Red Light Therapy for hair growth works with a wavelength of 635/650 nm.

Low-level Light Therapy is not thought to have any proven contraindicators. However, you should seek professional advice if you have any form of medical condition affecting the head area or if taking any medications for chronic illness. If a rash or any irritation occurs, discontinue use until speaking with your medical advisor.


With this new upgrade, we have upgraded our battery to the highest-capacity lithium-ion battery on the market. This means longer battery life, more usage, and better performance. Our new battery is now 6700 mAh

The device will automatically turn off after 10 minutes if left on and not in use, however It's not recommended to leave the "Dreamwave Ultra" unattended when on.

Yes, our barrel is ceramic coated and help with heat protection, gliding through the hair without pulling and tugging at it, reducing breakage and damage to the hair. Ceramic also heats up quickly and evenly.

Use a power adaptor that is 5V 2A. Recharge every 3 months when not in use.

As long as instructions are followed, with the newly redesigned curling barrel, the new Ultra' makes it impossible for hair to get tangled in the barrel.

Yes, simply adjust the temperature and the timer and you'll have from loose waves to tight curls.

Between 150-180 degrees, every one's hair is unique so you may experiment with a duration that best suits your hair and preferred curl type


All our products come with a USB cable, not sold separately. If replacing ensure that you are getting one with the correct current.

The Wylera Hair Dreamwave is designed to operate with dual voltage to be able to be charged in any country with the appropriate adaptor or by usb.

The batteries included in our devices are designed as rechareable. They cannot be replaced.

Our products are wireless, and this means for ease of use
there is no requirement for a cord. You will not increase use time by
using it whilst it is charging.

Yes, you can recharge using any power adaptor or powerbank. You may charge it via your laptop or in car charger, but this will take longer.

You will receive a USB cable together with your styling device. You may use any power adaptor that is 5V 2A. Be sure to recharge every 3 months when not in use to preserve the lithium ion battery life.

Prior to first use of any styling device, make sure you fully charge as this will help preserve the lifetime of your lithium batteries. Set your time and temperature and await the device to fully heat before use.