20 Cute Hairstyles You Can Do in Minutes

Are you tired of having the same hairstyle every day? Do you want to switch up your look, but don't have a lot of time to style your hair every morning? 

The good news is, styling your hair doesn't have to be hard or time-consuming. 

If you are wondering what are some cute hairstyles that you can achieve quickly, you are in luck!

This guide will show you 20 cute hairstyles that you can do in minutes. 

1. Small Braids

Adding small, face-framing braids or a simple braid near your ear will add a romantic touch to your look. small braids make great summer hairstyles and look good on any type of hair! 

2. Elegant Curls

If you want easy hairstyles for long hair, you can do a simple and elegant curled look. This hairstyle will give you a classic, voluminous look to mix up your everyday look. Using easy to use styling tools will give you the perfect curls within minutes! 

3. Nostalgic Curls

If you want cute, easy hairstyles for short hair, try out a retro curl bob. This vintage look will give you volume and texture and keep you looking classic and chic. 

4. Topknot

Need a simple and easy look that keeps your hair out of your face? Try a sleek topknot for a chic look or a messy topknot for a grungier take on the look. Both are a great way to switch up your daily style. 

5. Ballerina Bun

For a classic look, try tying your hair up in a chic ballerina bun. This easy hairstyle will pull your hair away from your face and last for the whole day. You will look elegant and chic while wearing a ballerina bun. 

6. Loose Dutch Braid

Loose Dutch braids make the cutest hairstyles for anyone who wants an easy hairstyle that keeps their hair tied back. This style will give an edgy touch to your look and keep you looking trendy.

7. Fishtail Braid

For a fun hairstyle, try out a fishtail braid. This look is a fun variation from a normal braid and will leave you looking cute and chic. This style can be done in just minutes and is great for anyone without a lot of time. 

8. Sleek High Pony

Pulling your hair back in a sleek high pony is a great style for any hair type. This style is perfect for anyone on the go who needs a chic, easy-to-maintain style. If you have a busy day planned, a sleek pony is perfect for you. 

9. Space Buns

If you are looking for cute hairstyles that are quirky and fun, space buns are a perfect look for you. Pulling your hair back into two space buns is a fun way to change up your normal hairstyle and is a cute variation of a normal bun.

10. Add a Headscarf 

Adding a headscarf is always a quick and easy way to style any type of hair. Headscarves can be used in many different ways and are a simple way to change up your look with minimal effort. 

11. Sleek Low Bun

A simple and sleek low bun is a quick style that you can do with any length of hair. This look is perfect for anyone on the go or if you don't want your hair getting in your face during the day. 

12. Double French Braids

Double French braids are a classic, cute way to secure your hair back. This durable style looks adorable on any hair type and will stay put all day. Try dressing up this look by adding a headscarf or ribbon!

13. Crown Braid

A crown braid will add a romantic touch to an everyday look. An elegant braid encircling the crown of your head will give you a regal look that is simple and easy to do. 

14. Half Pony

A half-pony is a great hairstyle for any hair length. This quick and easy-to-do look will give your hair volume and add style to your everyday look. This look will only take minutes to do!

15. Milkmaid Braid

This romantic and classic style is a great way to style your hair in just minutes. This look is a great variation from a classic braid and will leave you looking elegant. If you need a quick look to pair with a sundress or work blazer, this hairstyle is perfect for you!

16. French Braided Bun

Add a fun touch to your bun by adding a French braid to your style. A French braided bun will add dimension to your hair and give some extra flair to a classic look.

17. Waterfall Braid

A waterfall braid is a quick, elegant style that will give you romantic, cascading locks falling from your braid. This look is a perfect style for any different hair length and will add flair to any look.

18. Boho Beach Waves

For a classic, boho look, try some simple beach waves. This laid-back style is an easy way to add texture to your hair and give you a breezy look. This hairstyle is a great way to spice up straight hair. 

19. Messy Bun

Need a quick, feminine style to keep your hair out of your face? A messy bun is the perfect classic look for you. This fun, laid-back variation to a normal bun is the perfect go-to easy hairstyle.

20. Twisted Pony 

Spice up a regular pony by adding in a twist. Simply flip your pony back over itself to add volume and flair. This style only takes minutes and will make you look cute and chic. 

Quick and Cute Hairstyles Anyone Can Do

If you are often on the go and don't have a lot of time in the morning to style your hair, these cute hairstyles are a great way to spice up your everyday look in just minutes. Try out different kinds of braids and updos for a fun look or romantic curls for a classic and elegant style. 

If you want to purchase the perfect styling tools to make your hair routine quick and easy, check out more products to keep your hair looking cute!

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