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Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
Ros (Middlesbrough, GB)
So good

Was really unsure whether to take the plunge as I already had a cheaper version and someone had said that they would be the same. I can confirm that this is not the case.. the battery lasts at least 2 full head curls and my hair is long. Anything from 10 seconds up will make the curls last a good couple of days even on freshly washed hair. V happy with my purchase and would highly recommend.

Anupama P. (Melbourne, AU)
Easy to use!

I was hesitant to buy but I am so glad I did!! It’s so easy to use and works well. Highly recommend!!

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
Tracey E. (Perth, AU)

Easy to use. Made my wavey hair look even better, really happy with results

Dreamwave - Black Onyx
Clare S. (Frome, GB)
Much needed!!

Find my curler an absolute must!! Makes my hair go from frizz to long lasting curls!

Dreamwave - Black Onyx
Allison (Newcastle, AU)

This little machine is a must have item, it’s totally fool proof and quick to use, I’ve used it daily since I received it to give my fine limp hair some perfect bouncy waves. Can not fault this product, just wish I bought it sooner.

Pauline R. (Southampton, GB)
Brilliant idea!

I'm a lazy person and don't have time figuring out curling my hair using my wand. This gave me a lot of ease and the result is amazing it doesn't burn my hair no smell and gives me the curl that I want!! I'm even using this to my daughter's hair and she loves it!
I've posted some video on my tiktok polene___

Dreamwave - Black Onyx
Ali J. (Sydney, AU)

The reviews are completely accurate! I'm so happy with my Wylera and am getting faster and faster with it. It's functionality is excellent and I'm very happy that it's keeping my hair safe. I was useless at curling with a straightener! The results are beyond expectations.

Dreamwave Compact - Sunkissed Ebony
Kath C. (Newcastle, AU)

Cannot rave enough about this curler!! I am hopeless at doing my own hair and have tried every tool out there and THIS is just the best!! Being cordless makes all the difference plus it is so simple to use and only takes me 10mins to do my whole hair. I looked at purchasing this curler for over 12months as it looked to good to be true but so happy I finally did. Can not this recommend enough!!

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
Michelle I. (London, GB)
Love it!

I absolutely love my Dreamwave curler.First time I used it I got it wrong as I’m used to using a Dyson Airwrap.However watched more tutorials and got it.Takes a while to charge fully so I need to be organised before I use it as in make sure it’s charged night before.My best tip is set the styler to opposite side you r curling so you curl away from your head.I found this tip online as I don’t think it’s in my instructions (UK).I’m so happy I bought this as my Dyson isn’t as great for me as it was and my son was getting married.Needed something to do the job and it totally does.

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
Elena M. (Vienna, AT)
Love it!!

This is so easy to use and leaves the most beautiful curls!!😍❤️

Awesome curler

So far so good. My fine hair which has refused to curl or hold a curl appears to have submitted to this curler.Incredible results.

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
LOUISE R. (Altea, ES)
Amazing product.

Wow, this curler is fantastic. I can create the most amazing hairstyles in 15 mins with this tool. Infact my daughter and I fight over it, may have to buy a second one! Give this a try, you won’t regret it!!!

Curls curls curls

I’ve had so much fun using this on my friends, and my daughter for a special occasion.

Dreamwave with Free Brush Set
Mely P. (Melbourne, AU)

So after months of putting it in my basket and taking it out I was brave and purchased the dream wave and I can’t be happier, I’ve always straighten my hair but now I love my curls, so easy to use and the more I use it the better I’m getting , I love love love this product , salon perfect

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
Christine W. (Melbourne, AU)

I am truly the worst person at curling my own hair ever with a normal wand, so never really do it often. THIS is a GAME CHANGER!!
As soon as I received it, I put it on charge, and when it was ready to go I had a practice go on my granddaughters pigtails and it was sooo easy!!
She was fidgeting around as kids do, and I didn’t even have to worry that I was going to burn her head or ears. The curls came out so beautifully. I have shoulder and neck pain, and this amazing device made it possible for me to do these curls with practically no effort! Thank you WYLERA HAIR for this game changing hair curler. Best this I have purchased in a long time!!
*I have long hair almost down to my tooshy and this curler works great with my length.

Dreamwave Compact - Sunkissed Ebony
Tess B. (Brisbane, AU)
Very happy!

My hair curler arrived with no packaging (great for the earth!) but no card, instructions or anything except the curler and charger. I definitely thought id been had but after years of searching, this is the easiest way for someone uncoordinated Like me, to actually get curls!!!
Very happy, this is my first attempt and a rush job at around 20mins!!!

Dreamwave Compact - Sunkissed Ebony
Lisa H. (Plymouth, GB)

Bought this based on reviews.. it’s really easy to use, my curls was created at 160c & 6 mins.. they hold for few days .. I’ve never been able to curl my own hair ever. I’m not convinced that the battery will last for long.. but we will see… I’d rather have it as mains powered but there isn’t one.

Dreamwave - Black Onyx
Lisa H. (Sydney, AU)
Absolute game changer for me

I have always struggled with curling my hair. Whether it a curling wand or with my straightener I just couldn't do it. This machine is bloody amazing and so fast to use too! Don't think about it just buy it!

Best thing since sliced bread

Absolutely love love love it…it’s so easy to use, Cordless easy to charge and use. Don’t think I have had a straight hair day since purchasing my Wylera hair curler. Would highly recommend it ❤️❤️

Dreamwave - Black Onyx
Chloe O. (Sydney, AU)
Dream wave is a dream product!

I have seriously wanted a curler like this for so long. I never would curl my hair because it took too long and the results would often be disappointing. But I loved the look of beautifully curled hair!
When I saw the dream wave I was sceptical….but after so many great reviews and the pictures of people using it and the results they were getting I decided to get one. I have really thick hair and it used to take 2hrs to curl my hair…..with the dream wave it took me 30mins to curl from start to finish!! And the curls were tight and very curly….which I need because my hair drops incredibly fast! I am so happy with this product and Wylera. Highly recommend you purchase one if you’re like me and stopped trying with curlers because of the reasons I mentioned…..I am so happy and I hope you will be too!

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
Gemma W. (Castleford, GB)
Amazing product

I absolutely love my wylera hair dream wave bar.
It’s so easy to use and just makes your hair fab!

Dreamwave - Black Onyx
HelenK (Barongarook, AU)

I have thick long hair and have always struggle to curl my hair, so I was a bit sceptical. The Wylera was easy to use, fast and effective, especially for a novice like me! I brushed out the tight curls for a softer look and the curl lasted for days!
Great product and great value.

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
Jodi H. (Kingsport, US)
pleasantly surprised

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised at how well and how easy it was to curl my hair with the Dreamwave. My hair usually is hard to keep the curl and it gave me tight curls and stayed w/o any products till the next day. Even after sleeping on it, I still had beachy waves. I also love the ease of just setting your hair in the slot and the machine does the work of twisting it at the push of a button. I looked into the Dreamwave after seeing it advertised on FB. My shoulder is injured and with traditional curling irons and having to turn the iron manually, I was having a difficult time curling my hair. Also an added bonus of it being cordless. I absolutely love it and would recommend purchasing.

Dreamwave Compact - Sunkissed Ebony
Afina A. (Abu Dhabi, AE)

Waao to use and get perfect curls of your choice

Dreamwave - Gatsby Rose
Aniani (Warrington, GB)
Best curler I've ever used

At 60 years old I've used many different curling options over the years but this is simply the best one ever. Once curled my curls stay in till I next wash my hair, 5-6 days later. Fantastic and so easy to use. No more burnt ears or fingertips either! 10 out of 10.