Our story

Welcome to the Hair Revolution


At Wylera Hair, we live to create game-changing, innovative hair solutions that utilise the latest in cutting-edge technology. As women, we understand the modern, fast paced lifestyle and the struggle to fit self-care in your routine; so you can not only look good but - feel good. This is our commitment to you. We want you to have that essential me-time without compromising your busy schedule.


Wylera Hair began with curiosity. Can styling our hair be more enjoyable? Like most women, doing our hair always intimidated us. Choose the right hair tool is already overwhelming enough. Learning how to use the tool was the next problem.

Since then, we’ve been on a mission to make styling your hair easy, convenient and fuss-free.

With advanced research and multiple trial & error, the world’s first patented cord-free hair curler was born - The Wylera Hair Dreamwave®. We understand the busy, fast-paced nature of the modern woman’s lifestyle. We need something simple to use, portable, with professional salon-ready results - a game changer.


The Dreamwave® is a unique innovation that has improved the lives of so many around the world. It has revolutionised the convenience of personal hair styling. From clamp-free automated hair curling, to its cord-free rechargeable body, it has amassed a loyal following due to its undeniably effortless results. This is when we decided to expand our pursuit into cutting-edge hair solutions with the Dreamwave 2.0 Compact® and Dreamstyler®. Stay tuned, this is just the beginning of the hair revolution!